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Hanging Japanese Scroll Paintings – fine Japanese art
Japanese scrolls (kakemono) are paintings or calligraphy mounted with strips of luxurious fabric on flexible backing paper so that it can be rolled up for storage. They are designed to be used as part of the interior decoration of a room. Since the Muromachi period (1333-1568) kakemono have been the major artwork on the wall of the Tokonoma, the alcove especially designed for the display of prized objects. Kakemono can easily be rolled up and changed to suit the season or the occasion.

The scroll was introduced to Japan in the early Heian period (794-1185) in the form of Buddhist paintings and scriptures from the Asian continent (mainly China). The preferences of tea masters during the late Muromachi period greatly influenced the form, since the major object of contemplation in the tearoom is the scroll displayed in the alcove. Preferred subjects for scroll paintings are landscapes, flowers and birds, and figures; in calligraphy the more valued scrolls display writing by virtuous men or respected priests and lines of poetry by famous poets.

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We are open to offers. Please let us know exactly which paintings you are interested in and we can quote you a discounted price for purchasing multiple paintings.
We do not sell wholesale but will always work with clients having a student visa in Japan.
We also offer discounts on our auctions if multiple paintings are purchased within the same week. Email us for details.

Protect and store your art as it should be. Please visit our scroll box page for more information on Paulowina scroll boxes. Please note: ALL scrolls purchased from our catalogue get a complimentary scroll box included.
We also offer scroll ornaments and will soon be offering many varieties of scroll weights.

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We are proud to now offer an opportunity to commission your own Japanese sumi calligraphy scroll paintings. You can fully customize the mounting and materials or leave that up to our experts. Please see our custom calligraphy page for details.
We also offer a scroll remounting service to help in restoring your antique scrolls to the brilliance that they can be.